Social Media Civil Wars Continue with Karen Civil

The social and digital media marketing mogul, Karen Civil, has been under attack over the course of three days. Over the weekend, Joyner Lucas called Civil out on social media about the $60,000 he allegedly paid Civil for social media management services. He stated, when he paid her the fee, she stopped answering his calls and gave him attitude every time he had an opportunity to speak to her. He claimed she took advantage of his vulnerability at the time and sold him a dream. He proceeded to say, he didn’t want to say anything back then due to fear or risking his career and getting “black balled” in the industry.

Before Lucas attracted attention to his longtime beef with Civil on his social media, entertainer, Jessie Woo, sued Civil for allegedly booking her with a fictitious company “in order to obtain personal information.” The legal battle was expressed more deeply on an Instagram post on social media. Jessie Woo wrote: “@KarenCivil fake booked me using a non existent company in order to obtain personal information, served me with an extortion case for the sum of 3 Million Dollars at the fake booking and had it recorded it order to pass the video around the industry with the goal to embarrass & intimidate me”. 

On the instagram post, along with images of court documents, she continued to explain that the courtroom sided with her and thanked her attorneys for what seemed like a victory. She also wrote towards the end of the post, “Often times people go silent in this industry because they cannot afford to defend their factual truth. Keep this in mind before you attack the underdog.” She later explained, in a since-deleted follow-up post, how she won the case that day and that the document Civil posted as a response is just a notice for a future hearing.

Meek Mill jumped in the battle as well, adding onto the fire. He wrote on his social media post, “Karen was my friend and turned on me for opportunity … start having the blogs posting negative about me on some conspiracy shit lol I forgive her but I definitely don’t wanna deal with y’all industry people that move like that!” 

 Civil has responded to all the allegations that transpired, but it seems done to no avail. To top off Civil’s seemingly exhausting weekend of attacks, on his social media post, Cam’ron  stated, “I told people Karin civil been robbing people, they said I was lying. Now she just lost a court case to another female, now they say Karin is foul. When I said it… I was hating.. she also robbed Joyner Lucas for the same exact amount she did my guy @darealdukedagod 60k.. what a co-winky-d***”. Cam’ron was the first one who brought it to the media’s attention over five years prior but no one believed him. Once this topic resurfaced, he wrote on his Instagram post, “Y’all gonna apologize or nah?! I figured ya’ll wouldn’t.”

After hearing the shots fired during these Social Media Civil Wars, Indiestree would like to know, would you trust the highly acclaimed marketing strategist Karen Civil?

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