EDL FEST: Hip-Hop in The Heart of Norfolk

Niyah Nel and the group Everyday Dope Life hosted their third EDL Festival on Sunday, September 19, 2021. The festival was at Maker’s Craft Brewery in the heart of Norfolk. The event held the infamous, must-have cypher amongst the seven cities’ and surrounding areas’ dopest rappers. It was a true celebration of Hip-Hop. Amongst the seven cities’ and surrounding areas’ local acts who performed in the cypher were Who?, Jenks, Beachboy Tae, Kane, Malc Fisher, Ryan Luc, JuhhadLeone, and Intalek. 

For those new to the Hip-Hop culture, a cipher in its earliest ages took place among a circle of gods building on the day’s supreme mathematics. The gods would go around the cipher kicking’ knowledge and expressing their point of view, as steel sharpens steel. Hip hop, in the words of the legendary KRS One, is intelligent movement where Hip is to stay informed, to know, to be “hip”, and Hop is a form of movement, you have to actually be in and a part of the motion. So, in all essence, Hip-Hop is a culture of Intelligent Movement. In a cypher, emcees truly showcase their lyrical delivery, their flow fluidity, and their play on words, as the microphone gets handed around. 

The crowd at the local Norfolk brewery was aroused as the host, Virginia’s own, Intalek, blessed the crowd with the cue to start while the dj drop the first beat. The spirit of Hip-Hop was felt in the air as the audience bobbed their head as each emcee spit their bars over the beat. Spitting is a lyrical sport, competing on flow fluidity, lyrical content, freestyle capabilities and a taste of their individually dope style. This more raw form of Hip-Hop music is always appreciated as it pays homage to history and the continued traditions of Hip-Hop culture. 

Were you in the crowd at this cypher? Who represented their city the hardest? Who had the best delivery? Follow our Hip-Hop journey to reveal who the hidden gems are of Virginia. 

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